Hey there! I am Medina Karagic,

your go-to photography maestro based right here in the sunny Tampa Bay area. Yep, I've got a knack for freezing those picture-perfect moments in time, and I'm all about making your life shine even brighter.


My adventure started in Bosnia, but I became a Floridian almost as soon as I could walk. I picked up English by playing detective with my surroundings, which is probably where my obsession with the nitty-gritty details kicked in. Seriously, if there's one thing you'll learn about me, it's that I've got a superpower for spotting the beauty in everything*.


Imagine this: you, your grandkids, generations down the line, nestled together on a comfortable couch with a warm cup of tea, flipping through a beautifully crafted photo album. In that serene moment, laughter and nostalgia fill the air, connecting you with cherished memories from days gone by. This is the enchantment I aim to weave for you—a repository of timeless moments that can transport you back to the good old days, regardless of the years that have slipped away.

Raison D'être

Today, I'm honored to do what I do, creating keepsakes that adorn your living spaces and serve as a warm hug, reminding you of the beauty in connection and the love within you. Whether you're a mom-to-be ready to document the whimsical journey into motherhood, an artist or small business looking to elevate your brand, or just someone in need of some Tinder-worthy or LinkedIn-worthy photos (because, hey, we all have our contrasts!), I've got you covered.

I'm a holistic artist who dabbles in singing and spoken word. And as powerful as linguistics are, the camera lens always serves to capture the stories that words alone can't convey.

When my pen fails me, my lens is always there to capture the stories I can't put into words



"Medina brings a level of calm and immediately morphs into your #1 fan as she falls in love with you through her lens. She is extremely patient and works with the organic moment; she doesn’t try forcing something to work or look a certain way. In my opinion, she brings a level of studio quality photography to a lifestyle-feel shoot. Highly recommend!"

Amanda B.